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About us

Crablyder is the first supplier of live king crabs from Norway. The company is based in Paris and successfully operates in Europe, working with global manufacturers.
Our advantages!
- Own logistics company that delivers crab by plane from Norway to Paris.
- Our warehouses are equipped with high-tech equipment, which supports the vital activity of a crab in its own natural habitat
- Fast delivery in France and Monaco


We catch and supply only one species - Red King
Fishing Area - Norway FAO-27.1.B,NO-0325


At Crablyder, we provide all the necessary facilities for well-being and high quality of the crabs


98% of our clients are fully satisfied with our customer service, high quality products, and fast delivery

How we work

About Crab

Red King Crab (also known as Kamchatka King Crab) is the largest and the most famous king crab that lives in the icy clear waters of the Bering Sea. Its delicate tender meat is used in hot and cold meals and gives every dish a unique exquisite flavor. It is no wonder that King Crab is considered among the very delicious food which satisfies even the most exigent gourmet.

How We Catch Crabs


All year round our fishermen are working diligently at catch areas in Finnmark in the north of Norway. They tirelessly fish Red King crabs to serve the best quality seafood to your table.


On small boats, our fishermen catch crabs from more than 600-meter deep icy water. Crab catching is conducted in storm conditions at extremely low temperatures and, for this reason, their profession is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.


When crabs are caught, by ship they are delivered ashore where every crab is checked and weighed. Then we pack crabs into special tanks with seawater and comfortable temperature for their well-being for many months.


Using planes, we deliver live crabs in polystyrene boxes filled with ice to the UK, France, Italy, and Monaco. On arrival our crabs are carefully packed back into special tanks with seawater and delivered live to our clients so now they can enjoy the delicious and tender taste of the King crab.

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